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FINDINGSExamples and Why 
Project BACKSTORYHow the Project Developed  
TPP PROLOGUEPrologue by Eddy Pengelly  
TPP Video LIBRARY4 Main Videos  
TIME TRAVEL Evidence .com.auStudy Options | Topics | VIDEOTime Travel Evidence FOUND
Scrutinize Preprint PAPERSSix Papers 
Online BOOKSHOP TopicsPreview of TopicsWorld Breaking Discoveries
Online BOOKSHOP Titles22 Books as PDFs 
NEWS Desk12 Articles in 3 SectionsAncient Texts Reveal their Secrets
NEWS Releases14 Releases 
NEWS Articles3 Articles 
Ronald PEGGThe First ResearcherRonald Pegg 20th Century Time Detective
Eddy PENGELLYThe Second ResearcherEddy Pengelly 21st Century Time Detective
Special STUDY 1a  BookComputer Parts in Ancient TextsDOOPArts
Special STUDY 1b  WorkshopInteractive online Workshopafter reading book
Special STUDY 2  3 PapersTime Travel EvidenceTime Travel Evidence FOUND
Special STUDY 3  Paper128 Glyphs Describe Computer PartsEgyptian Glyphs Describe Computer Parts
Special STUDY 4  PaperTime Travel in Genesis 1 & 2 
Special STUDY 5  PaperTime Travel in Gospel of Mark 
Special STUDY 6  Book + WorkshopThe Map Scroll Investigation 
Special STUDY 7  Book + WorkshopBook with 7 Seals InvestigationQuest for the Book with Seven Seals
Bible Study Online WorkshopThe Bible Has Been Mistranslated 
Archived Investigation ReportCompiling a TT Study Criterion  

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