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5,000 Years of Human
History To Be Rewritten

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Two Australian researchers

Discovered and confirmed Evidence of Time Travel in over 30 ancient texts

Ronald Pegg

Ronald Pegg
Queensland reclusive researcher

20 Research Booklets and an Autobiography
Eddy Pengelly

Eddy Pengelly   South Australia
Confirmed Pegg's Findings

10 Books and 6 Academic Papers

Accepted explanations of ancient legends are WRONG

Historians have been misleading us for over 5,000 years
Human time travellers were sent back to the past to place warnings. Using a computer to show particular cd-rom pictures, they instructed certain people they encountered to write down what they were shown and told. The Egyptian Aten, Papyrus of Ani, and Atlantis stories document these encounters, as well as Nostradamus who has encoded specific historical events from a particular historical cd-rom plus the warnings. All this now forms part of the Time Travel evidence documented in the world's many ancient texts and legends.

Orthodox explanations of prophetic texts are WRONG

Church Leaders have been mistaken for over 2,600 years
Founders of Faiths and specific people were visited by human time travellers (perceived as Angels) who were sent back to give two devastating warnings. Using a computer to show certain cd-rom pictures and present certain relevant 'future' historical events, they instructed writers such as Moses, Ezekiel and Daniel (Old Testament), Mark and John (Gospel and Revelation in New Testament), Mohammed (Qur'an), and Smith (Book of Mormon) to write down what they were shown and told including the warnings. This all now forms part of the Time Travel proof documented in the world's sacred texts that has been hidden beneath traditional religious stories.

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