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About  the  Researchers

Ronald Pegg

Ronald Pegg   Townsville
Reclusive private researcher

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1996 to 2002  Found Evidence of Time Travel
Solved many Ancient Mysteries
Named in ancient texts
20 Original Research Booklets

Queensland researcher found evidence of time travel recorded in many texts from the past. Well known traditional and prophetic stories contain chronicles of those encounters and describe or depict computer technology from the 1990s.

Eddy Pengelly

Eddy Pengelly   Adelaide
Chief Researcher, Author, Study Coordinator

2003 to 2006  PPHC Study Group
2007 to 2011  World Breaking Discoveries
2012 to 2013  Adelaide Time Travel Evaluation Group
2014 to 2017  Australian TIME TRAVEL Study Group
12 Books
6 Academic Papers

South Australian researcher was the first to confirm these discoveries. He then conducted his own extensive research and made further breakthroughs which include the same Technology being depicted by the ancient Egyptians.