Proof of TIME TRAVEL Found

Back in the Past


A mid 1990s Computer System and these 3 CD-Roms are documented, described, or depicted in over 30 ancient texts from over 15 countries.

1990s computer system | Ancients cd-rom
Grolier | RedShift2

Certain once-in-a-lifetime individual historical events were selected from each of them and were shown to specifically targeted ancient people.

Papyrus of Ani

Those people were told to document what they heard and saw. The list includes Egyptian scribes, Nostradamus, and many others who now are perceived to be prophets.

When writing of historical events, some misunderstood and perceived those events as their own culture's past, while others understood that it was future events they were viewing.

In contrast to Nostradamus who had to 'hide' this information within his works due to the religious bias of his day, other ancient people totally misunderstood that they were part of a time travel encounter, and thereafter made up folk tales regarding the pictures they saw.

A small number of people described or depicted the computer technology itself.

Ancient Indian and Egyptian scribes.
Compact Disk - Mouse & Cable - Disk Tray

Early 1800s CE America.
Jewel Case - before plastic was invented !

For What Reason

To enable people in the late 20th century to recognize this type of computer technology who still had access to those CD-Roms and associated History Books. Once what was found in those ancient texts was validated, the conclusion drawn was that  'Finding modern events and pictures from the three cited cd-roms described and documented in ancient texts - Is Proof of Time Travel'


Once it was confirmed beyond a doubt that somehow, time travel back to the past had taken place, the main reasons were also discovered 'concealed' in those same ancient chronicles.

* To point out previous misunderstandings due to earlier time-trips back to the past.

* In order to now redress the many unintended consequences.

* To do this - without changing the current timeline.

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