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 Proof of TIME TRAVEL Found

Ancient Texts Reveal their Secrets

Time Travel experiments Back to the Past caused several problems.

Our Video presents WHAT Went WRONG, to WHERE, the WHAT, WHY, and WHO else was visited, and reveals the SOLUTION

Proof #1 : Ancient Egyptians  depicted and described  Computer Technology

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The Pegg Project® is an Australian research endeavour that has examined many of the world's ancient mysteries.

It was found that traditional understanding and rhetoric regarding individual Myths, Legends, Ancient and Sacred Texts have misrepresented what those accounts were actually reporting.

Evaluate the Research and Findings made by two Australian researchers.

Encounters with Time Travellers plus the Computer Technology and Data Disks taken back with them is documented and described in over 30 Ancient Texts that span the past 5,000 years.

Proof includes documented firsthand accounts of:
- Encounters with the time-visitors;
- Computer Technology being depicted and described;
- Imagery from the Data Disks being documented; plus
- some Historical Events from them noted and described.

Ancient Myths, Legends, Texts, and Religious Stories all contain some of this evidence.
The time travellers themselves were reported as Elders, Men of Wisdom, or called Angels.

This website contains four Information / preview pages about The Pegg Project®

The separate Time Travel Evidence website has the research and findings documents. Visit it via STUDY OPTIONS when you have finished reading this site.

This new knowledge will probably change how you see the world, as what we have been told about our past is not what actually happened.
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